We offer cleaning solutions for small and large companies, including warehouses, offices, retail and wholesale companies, public buildings and many  more.

A couple of things you may want to concider before asking for a quote:

Where, what and how often needs to be cleaned?
Which are the areas that have more traffic and need more attention?
How much more cleaning is required on muddy or snowy seasons?
Will you buy all the needed products yourself or let us take care of everything?
How often is there a need to clean windows?
How were you satisfied with the previous service provider, whether and what should be changed?
How many people worked on the site and the number of hours? Was the service efficient? What would be optimal?
How often should the floors be waxed in order to protect them sufficiently?
Entrance mats – necessary, but exactly where and how many should there be?
Should the desired service be the cheapest or the best possible result?
Or maybe something in the middle?

Usually, not much thought goes in to the quality or the efficiency of a cleaning service  until there is a need to deal with a problem or choose a service provider.
BR_55_60_W_sm_dd_2-6965-150DPI_342x182 Only then we start to realize how many questions should be answered to achieve a good result.

We find the answers to difficult questions, by developing a customized cleaning plan for each of our customers,  also we  can modify the existing plan, if it is outdated or does not meet the customers requirements. We also listen to employees for their individual needs in cleaning their workspace.
A good cleaning service doesnt have to cost a fortune, but then again you can’t hope for a professional result with a overly tight budget. When approaching things realistically, we can certainly find the most suitable solution for our customers.

We insure the best price-quality ratio, and a personal approach. We respond to e-mails in days, not weeks!

If you are not satisfied with your current cleaning service provider, please feel free to:
Make an inquiry / Ask for a quote!


We provide both one-time and daily cleaning services. Before sending a request, you should give us as much detailed information as you can about the job in question and what needs to be done. Also, be sure that the job site has electricity and water, and the site should usually be clear of any debris and items that might be in the way to insure the best results.
Pricing is regularily offered by the hourly rate, but a price per sq/m can also be applied.


Standard cleaning service – starting from 7,50 € / hour (per worker)
Special tasks / thorough cleaning (or very dirty rooms) – starting from 10,00 € / hour

Large scale projects – prices upon agreement. Square meter based price calculation.

All prices are for one time orders. If you order cleaning on a regular basis, let us know and we will do our best to present a suitable offer.
During weekends, national holidays and after normal working hours – all work is performed upon agreement.

NB! All prices exclude 20% VAT

The final price of each service can be calculated after an inspection of the job site.
A transport fee is added to job sites located outside of the city limits
Prior inspection and consultation of  the job site is FREE!

Order confirmation is based on confirmatory email, confirmation or handing over the keys upon vocal agreement. If the order fulfillment is impossible, or will be delayed, please give prior notice of at least 12 hours prior to the arranged time. If such notice is not sent, or sent late, we reserve the right to send the customer an invoice that will cover the cost of labor and transportation.

If you have any questions, please contact us :

Main phone: (+372) 44 700 52
Andres: (+372) 53 65 2000
Svetlana (+372) 55 61 61 64