We are a fast growing firm offering cleaning supplies, cleaning services and property maintenance. Founded in 2001 as a family business and having experience in the field of cleaning even longer, we know which equipment and supplies are the best for both home and professional use. We believe that cleaning products and equipment must be supplied by those who use them in their daily work process. As a cleaning service provider we certainly match this criteria.

At Ideaalpuhastus, we are passionate about offering the best products and
services together with professional and client-centered customer service. As we
like to say – we have the resources of a big company as well as the personal
touch of a small one.
We take nothing for granted in our efforts to earn the confidence and loyality of
our customers. We listen to our customers to make sure we are meeting their
needs. We challenge ourselves to deliver the best possible result.

Mission – with setting high standards for our services and supplies we improve
the quality of life of our customers.

We would like to thank all our clients and business partners, present and future,
for continuing loyality and cooperation, and thanks to who, we can do what we
love – making your quality of life better!